Bakersville Blue Powder Chocolate Color 3 g

Bakersville Blue Powder Chocolate Color 3 g

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Chocolate Colours are versatile and easy to use making it simple to transform your hand-crafted chocolates. It is ideal for adding decorative colour to your chocolate work and making your own transfer sheets using cocoa butter. It allows you to successfully colour chocolate without affecting texture, gradually add coloring and mix until desired shade is reached.

Color: Blue

Quantity: 3 g

Brand: Bakersville Colourmist 

Medium: Oil based Powder Form

Bullet Points:

  • Highly Concentrated Chocolate colour .
  • Chocolate colours are suitable for making pralines, ganache, chocolate piping and any chocolate décor.
  • Use the whole range of colourmist chocolate colour to make your chocolates perfectly colourful.
  • It can be used in all fat masses like chocolate, cocoa butter, butter, short pastry, marzipan, etc.
  • Colourmist Chocolate Colours are good to use for at least 2 year from the date of manufacturing.